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Cuddly Striped Cardigan Set


About this item:

    Wrap your beloved pet in the cozy embrace of our latest knitwear collection! Presenting a charming two-piece cardigan set in a delightful pink hue that's as soft to the touch as it is pleasing to the eye. Crafted from luxurious angora-blend stretch core-spun yarn, this ensemble promises unparalleled comfort and warmth for your four-legged friend. The stylish design features a playful interplay of pink and teal stripes, creating a look that's both classic and cheerful. Each piece is accentuated with crisp white buttons, adding a dash of elegance to the ensemble. Perfect for brisk walks or cuddle sessions, our knit cardigan set is more than just attire—it's a statement of love for your pet.

Special Material:
- Colored rabbit velvet high-elastic core-spun yarn

Special Design:
- Open-front cardigan set, warm and accommodating, easy to match
- Row button design, easy to wear and take off
- The camisole can be worn alone or matched

Fit: Loose

Thickness: Slightly Thick

Length: Moderate

Elasticity: Elastic

Size Chart(in inches and lbs)

XS: length - 9, chest - 13.5, weight - 5.5~7.5

S: length - 10, chest - 15.5, weight - 7.5~11

M: length - 12, chest - 17.5, weight - 11~14.5

L: length - 13, chest - 19.5, weight - 14.5~20

XL: length - 14.5, chest - 23, weight - 20~28.5

XXL: length - 15, chest - 24.5, weight - 28.5~35.5

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