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Rosemary Plaid Vest for Pets


    Wrap your furry friend in the cozy charm of our Rosemary Plaid Vest! Crafted with premium stretchy yarn and extra stitching for added thickness, this vest is a snug haven for your pup. The minimalist design and sweet, fresh color palette exude a refined and fashionable collegiate style. Picture your pup trotting around in this high-fashion vest, radiating cuteness and warmth. The snug fit and plush fabric make it not just an outfit, but a cuddly experience for your fur baby. Perfect for chilly days, this vest combines comfort and style effortlessly. Immerse your pooch in the subtle sophistication of Rosemary Plaid. Because every tail deserves a touch of elegance!

About this item:

Special Fabric:

- Made of high-elastic core-spun yarn, knitted and thickened.

Special Design:
- Simple and streamlined silhouette with sweet and fresh color matching.

- Exquisite plaid pattern woven into a stylish American collegiate style.

Material: 50% Viscose, 23% Nylon, 27% Polyester
Fit: Moderate
Thickness: Slightly Thick

Elasticity: Stretchy

Size Chart(in inches and lbs):

XS: length - 8.5, chest - 12.5, weight - 5.5~7.5

S: length - 9.5, chest - 14.0, weight - 7.5~11.0

M: length - 11.0, chest - 16.5, weight - 11.0~14.5 

L: length - 12.0, chest - 19.0, weight - 14.5~20.0

XL: length - 13.0, chest - 22.5, weight - 20.0~28.5

XXL: length - 14.5, chest - 23.0, weight - 28.5~35.5